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I started teaching in 2011 after I received my Master's Degree in Music Education from Hunter College, and I'm not going to lie - my first few years were quite a struggle.  However, I did successfully raise about $20,000 in funding from Donor's Choose to start a concert band, and I was able to stock my classroom full of modern band instruments thanks to the Little Kids Rock organization. When one door closes, another one opens as the old adage goes.


At my current school, I was able to forge my own path once more, and started a concert band, as well as a modern band.  With the hiring of two new music teachers, we have been able to carve out quite a full program for a K-8 school with the addition of a string orchestra,  chorus,  glee club,  general music for all K-8 students, as well as a computer music program for the upper grades.  


I'm married to the most supportive wife, Kerry, and we have a daughter named Lennon.  We live in Poughkeepsie, NY, and I commute to Brooklyn every week day.  Yes, it's grueling!


I started creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers in 2017 and I've been really happy with the feedback that I get from people who purchased my products.

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